Action And Adventure

An early adventure book to open up young mind’s to worlds behind their own is Oh The Places You Go by Dr. Seuss. This is a book that is extremely deep and meaningful to older teenagers but it’s still a beautiful book to read. The illustrations and simple words show us beauty and cause our imagination to grow stronger.

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
The world in this book is very similar to our except for the fact that animals can talk. It’s such a timeless adventure and overall a classic tale because these animals can teach us something. They also help us to love animals a little more. It also causes me to think twice before killing a spider.

Bridge To Terabithia
Leslie and Jess don’t fit in with the other kids in class. They both feel out of place not only among peers but also at home. They decide to make a world that belongs to only them. They rule the kingdom of Terabithia as Queen and King. They make up what the rules are and they even have enemies in the world. It’s a beautiful place that they take comfort in. The imagination and friendship in this book is one of a kind.

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