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One of the top things on everyone’s bucket list, including yours, is how to get a book published.

Here’s a starting question for you: do you have the first draft of your next bestseller finished? Do you at least have a manuscript?

If you answered ‘yes,’ then you should be able to breeze through the rest of this article easily. If you answered ‘no,’ then brace yourself now. You’ll certainly have some challenges whether you decide to go the traditional or self-publishing route if you don’t start preparing now.

The publishing industry is like any other industry for creative talent; and it has its own parameters and unspoken rules that will be imperative to know as long as you want to succeed in distributing your book.

You will find that after the hours of research-and, yes, be prepared to invest large amounts of time into launching your book just as much as you’ll spend writing the book itself-you should have a surfeit of avenues to pursue. Choosing the right one will guarantee your success and the rewards of your efforts.

What is the First Step?

Believe it or not, you don’t need to have the manuscript completed to begin looking for agents and publishers to work with, although it would be useful if. There will be more on the topic of agents in just a bit so don’t hold onto that idea too tightly-you might not even need one.

Don’t forget the “book” part in the initial steps of publishing because the type, category, and genre will determine which publishing route you take, not to mention that having some completion of the book will make it easier to gain traction with your partners.

Choose the purpose for publishing your book.

Look at your starting point and your end goal. Would critically acclaimed success or the simple gratification of completing your book suffice? Define your objective and consider it throughout every stage of your research. You wouldn’t want to end up headed down an avenue that minimizes your success or positions you with a low-quality publisher.

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